Thursday, July 28, 2011


Maylee was born with an umbilical hernia, usually something that heals but just looks gross. I made sure everyday that it was soft so we knew it was ok. Then a couple weeks ago on Monday it got really hard and an after hours call to the doctor sent us to the ER to get it checked. Course after waiting for 2 hours it went away on it's own and was soft again, they told me to watch it especially if she appeared to be in pain or it was discolored. Then Thursday I got a frantic text at work from my sitter, it had gotten hard again and Maylee was hysterical. I left work and ran her to the ER again. Her bowel had slipped into the space left in her tummy muscles and had gotten stuck. We spent several hours waiting and they finally took her in for surgery around 6:30 that night. They pushed everything back in, closed the stomach muscles, and cut off the extra skin left behind. She spent about 24 hours in the hospital. It was sad because she is so smiley and she didn't smile at all til later the next day. She is now minus a belly button but seems happier and is all healed up. So glad my poor baby is all better.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birthday Boy

Sadly, this is my oldest son, now 14 and way too grown up. It is an awesome and strange experience having this kid, who was once a 7 lb 21 inch baby, now tower over me and be a high schooler. He is such an amazing person and I love him and the relationship that we have. I really hope we will still be as close in another 14 years....LOVE YOU RONI!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Girls Galore

We had a bbq at Miss's house for Memorial Day and I got some cute pictures of my little girl and her many girl cousins. Emma and Channing were cuddling on the couch, so cute!
Keira, Emma, and Maylee, the dark haired beauties!

Keira was being so cute with Maylee, here she was giving her kisses! She wanted to hold her and was thrilled when her dad helped her, but Maylee is pretty big for tiny little Midge to hold so it was pretty funny.
The one time Maylee is happiest is in the bath, but she hates the before and after (aka getting dressed and undressed). I think she looks so cute in her little towel!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Big Girl

I can't believe it but my baby is almost 7 weeks old! She weighs 9 lbs 9 oz and is dong great. We finally got her on some acid reflux medication and it has already helped. I put her hair in a pony tail the other day, I'm pretty sure its the smallest ponytail in the world. I love dressing her up but most of her cute outfits are for warmer weather. She will probably grow out of them before it's nice enough...the joys of Idaho. She is a cutie though and I can't imagine life without her.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend With The Twins

This weekend just the twins came to stay. It's hard to have them all here with so little room so we are switching between the older boys and Bryce and Brenon sometimes. On Friday we went to Amy's house. The kids all got guns and they were having tons of fun playing outside, they even included Emma (but she was the target so I'm not sure that counts). Hard to believe these boys are going to be 4th graders in just a few days!
On Saturday we went to see Miss and family. Channing and Maylee have the same dress so we dressed them alike and attempted to get a picture. As you can see that was easier said then done.
The boys were so sweet with Maylee, they never got tired of feeding her and holding her. With our crazy sleep schedule we usually don't get up for the day until 10, but without fail the boys would be in my room by 7 asking if they could take her. I was happy to oblige since it meant I got a couple hours of sleep. This is Bryce holding his baby sister after he fed her and rocked her to sleep.
Friday night Brenon picked out some jammies and helped give Maylee a bath. It was so cute how patient and loving they both were. This is Brenon, the proud brother, after helping get sister ready for bed. They really are amazing with her and I am so happy to see how much love they feel toward their little sister.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Plethera of Pictures

I have a ton of cute pictures and Jen encouraged me to do a post with a bunch so here we go! This one is her cute little outfit I bought her for Mother's Day. Alas, the crappy weather has made it hit and miss for her to wear most of her outfits instead of jammies.
This is the sweet little face I get to gaze upon while she sleeps peacefully in my arms. Too bad that's pretty much the only place she is so content. Sigh.
Look at those cheeks! 'Nough said!
Another adorable outfit of hers, paired with her curly mohawk, a recipe for total cuteness!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Month Old!

Just some cute pics of my baby girl I took today after her bath. This one cracks me up, I think she looks like Dr. Evil saying "One Meelion Dollas"

I like this one cuz you can see her adorable dimple. She only has one and it's so cute. Love my baby!